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Saint Samuel’s History

The Beginning

The Parish

The Parish Hall was built in 1989, but did not officially open until the next year. Before the hall was built, Saint Samuels used the Seamans Hall as its main hall. The reason why the new hall was built was because the Seamans Hall was becoming old, and the church decided it needed something newer and closer to suit its needs as a community.

The Rectory of Saint Samuels is where the priest lives during his time at the Church. The current rectory is not the original one, the original was moved off the property in the 1930’s and a new one was built in the same year.

Saint Samuels began in the year 1900. It was built on land that belonged to Samuel Adams, who contributed financially to have the church built. The Church was built to serve the Catholic people of Douglastown, Rosebank (Nordin) and Ferry Road. More land was purchased for the Church in the 1970’s for parking. And then in 1993 the church was gifted property from William Mahoney and Marguerite McKinnon.