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Saint Samuel’s is blessed with many ministries in which individuals share their gifts in the community to make visible the Body of Christ.

All are welcome to give serious thought and consideration to becoming involved in these various ministries. By Baptism we are given the mandate to participate in the life of our community for service of others and God.

Ministry opportunities at St. Samuel’s include: Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Liturgical Ministries, Adult Altar Server, Altar Server, Lector Ministry.

I often dream of a better world, of a more humane earth.
I would like to do my part, I feel so alone before the immensity of the task to be accomplished. Help me to reach out my hands,
to join them with the hands of others in order to form one great chain of solidarity.
With my hands, help me to make simple gestures of service, of sharing and of mutual help.
Help me discover the path where you call me, to spread your light and your love.