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Saint Samuel


Saint Samuel

  • Samuel (Priest Prophet & Judge) was born to Elkanah & Hannah around 1070 BCE. They were from the Clan and Village of Zuph in the territory of Ephraim centered around 30 KM north of Jerusalem.
  • Two books of the bible bear the names of Samuel, the name means Name of God or His Name is God or by Extension in the Name of God
  • Samuel was raised and instructed in the household of Eli the Priest at Shiloh, a very important sanctuary of Ancient Israel.
  • He was called to his ministries by a special revelation from god in a time when a Revelation of the lord was uncommon and a vision infrequent 1 Sam 3:1
  • The lifetime of Samuel was a time of great transition in Ancient Israel. Part of the change was a move from rule by the Judges to rule by a Monarchy (1 Sam 10:1). Samuel was the last of the judges and therefore very much involved in the Theological, Political and Cultural struggles of his time.
  • The rule of Saul, whom Samuel had installed as the first King of Israel quite, disappointed and enraged him and he sharply criticized both the king and the people. 
  • Inspired by God,  Samuel visited Bethlehem and found David whom he anointed as the next King. Shortly after this Samuel disappears from the scene with the date of his death estimated around the year 1010 B.C.E.
  • 1 Sam 12:24 Encourages us: Fear the Lord and Worship Him faithfully with your whole heart. Keep in Mind the Great Things He has done among us. 

Prepared by:

Fr. John Fraser

June 28 2001